A free and open-source clone of the puzzle game HuniePop using WebAssembly.
Updated 2023-02-12 18:09:30 +00:00
A C++ quiz game that asks GCSE Science questions while merging elements from Space Invaders and board games.
Updated 2021-10-22 17:25:33 +00:00
A basic C++ game involving a character collecting coins while avoiding red blob enemies that chase you. My first attempt at A.I.
Updated 2021-10-22 17:25:15 +00:00
An old Java project remade in C++. Just like the android version but for PC.
Updated 2021-10-22 17:24:47 +00:00
A C++ program that plays a simplistic version of BlackJack.
Updated 2021-10-22 17:21:41 +00:00