A Hugo theme inspired by Luke Smith's lugo theme, but tweaked to my liking.
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License: MIT

Matt's Hugo Theme

A Hugo theme inspired by Luke Smith's lugo theme, but tweaked to my liking.

It can double up as a blog, an art gallery, or a music catalogue.

A demo of this theme can be found here.

Getting Started

Create a new site, and add this as your Hugo theme:

hugo new site new-site
cd new-site
git submodule add https://git.matt-barnes.co.uk/mb2g17/matts-hugo-theme.git themes/matts-hugo-theme
echo "theme = 'matts-hugo-theme'" >> config.toml

Creating a blog

If you want to make a blog, you'll want the default archetype.

It should use it by default when you run hugo new, but if you want to make changes, run:

cp themes/matts-hugo-theme/archetypes/default.md archetypes/

If you want to make an art gallery, you'll want the art-piece archetype:

cp themes/matts-hugo-theme/archetypes/art-piece.md archetypes/default.md

Be sure to put your art files in the assets directory, as Hugo needs to process them to create thumbnails, and use the asset shortcode.

If you're adding an image that doesn't have to be processed (it won't be the thumbnail of your post), you can add it to the content or static directories, and use the img shortcode.

Currently, this theme only supports .png files.

Creating a music catalogue

If you want to make a music catalogue, you'll want the music-track archetype:

cp themes/matts-hugo-theme/archetypes/music-track.md archetypes/default.md

Put your audio files in the static directory and use the audio shortcode.

Currently, this theme supports mp3 and ogg audio files.